A downloadable game

This is an early, pre-cartridge version of the game available for testing.

Six pesky little penguin chicks have run off and gotten lost in the mysterious ruins. You are the only one brave enough to rescue them! Roll snowballs by holding down the fire button and letting go to smash them against the iceblocks. Only larger snowballs will break the blocks. But don't get too close; this ice is so cold, you will be frozen solid if you touch it! If this wasn't bad enough, all this activity has awakened the old sentinals. Avoid their eerie mechanical movements by throwing snowballs at them. But be quick about it because they will start rebuilding their fortress with new blocks! If you can save six chicks without getting frozen, you are rewarded with an extra penguin

Right Difficulty toggles flashing effects. Set to A to turn it off and set to B to leave it on.

Black and White switch toggles color mode. Color for NTSC and B/W for PAL60

Install instructions

You will need an emulator to play it such as Stella or Javatari.



Or you can save it onto a Harmony Cart and play it on actual hardware!



WinterFortress_ROM_0.5.bin 16 kB
WinterFortress_SOURCE_0.5.bas 46 kB


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Dear danebola interactive, may I please re-share your games on my github project page?  More details about the project in my profile --> https://retrobrews.itch.io/. Thank you in advance! Retro Fan

certainly, share away!

Thank you very much!