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Kelly the kangaroo is enjoying a lovely picnic date with Rosie the rabbit in the picturesque Mossy Valley when - Oh no!  The mad scientist Contemptus Mundy, always bitter and jealous of the happy people living on Gaia Gaia Island, has kidnapped Rosie and locked her away in his motherbase in the clouds! It's up to you to help Kelly save her sweetheart before it's too late and that vile Contemptus whisks her away to the stars. 

Use the joystick to make Kelly hop to the left or right, and hold the fire button to perform a much higher jump to reach her goal. Contemptus Mundy's mothership has one weakness in it's anti affection forcefields and that is the prisoner's favorite food. In this case, strawberries! Kelly must collect six strawberries scattered around the obstacle course in order to free Rosie from her lame and apathetic captor.

Kelly will face many dangers along the way, from angry bees, carniverous flowers, agressive bats and automatic flying saucer drones. Most can be knocked out simply by jumping on them, but some are especially treacherous... watch out! If Kelly falls victim to these baddies, she will be knocked back several screens, losing precious time.

The left difficulty switch will select how much time is on the clock before the sexual frustration powered engines are activated. New players should set Left Difficulty to B and see fast you can reach the end. Players looking for more of a challenge can set the switch to A for a more intense time constraint.

This game is safe for work.

Known issues in version 0.3:

Sometimes the collision detection can be a bit fiddly, especially with springs.

When playing on actual hardware with a Harmony cart, or with the realistic video settings in the emulator turned on, the screen will sometimes roll and flicker when Kelly touches certain walls or enters a new screen. Most emulators are more forgiving by default and a classic CRT seems to dampen the effect.

Kelly will sometimes treat the score timer as solid ground if an enemy is making sound. It's really weird.

Only NTSC color support so far.

Changes in version 0.4:

Enemies slightly less aggressive

Enemies don't send you so far back

No longer a default score font

Changes in version 0.5:

Flower no longer sends you back to the start

Added  a quick "get all six strawberries" message

Fine tuned the bat just a little more

Changes in version 0.6:

Cuter jump sounds

Included source code! But it's a mess, proceed with caution.

Thanks for playing!


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KellyKangaroo_NTSC_0.3.bin 32 kB
KellyKangaroo_NTSC_0.4.bin 32 kB
KellyKangaroo_NTSC_0.5.bin 32 kB
KellyKangarooSOURCE_0.6.bas 56 kB
KellyKangaroo_NTSC_0.6.bin 32 kB

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