A downloadable asset pack

I found and entered this jam the day after I decided to start this project. The original idea is sort of an Argonaut adventure on the Sega Master System, but the crew is made up of those classic monsters. Each monster has a unique ability, but you can only choose a landing party of three. So you will have to plan carefully!

I knew I would not have been able to create a rich world in about a month, but I was hoping to have at least a minimum viable project completed. Underestimating the time it took to draw some of the graphics and some unforseen technical mysteries have prevented me from even building thag much. So I have compiled most of my work so far, including the source code and a glitchy ROM image of the ship sailing around into a zip file. Please feel free to explore it and use the tilesets if you have use for them! 

As with most jam entries, I must say I do intend to work on this more, but at a much gentler and stress free pace. 

Thanks for looking!

Install instructions

Unzip the file and explore the artwork! You will need a Sega Master System emulator like Meka to run the ROM and WLA-Z80 to assemble the source file if you make any changes.


PhilotesAssetKit.zip 54 kB

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